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Teen victim at Lincoln man's sentencing: 'I never want another child to go through what I did'

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Teen victim at Lincoln man's sentencing: 'I never want another child to go through what I did'

From the counsel table Tuesday, Kenneth Farley's teenage victim described the aftermath of the abuse she faced at his hands as a life sentence before the Lincoln man learned he would get 55 to 70 years in prison for it.

"The boogeyman is Kenneth Farley," the now-18-year-old woman said.

She said Farley's selfish, perverted actions not only damaged her mental health but also ripped apart multiple families, "just for him to satisfy some sick, twisted part of his mind that chose to corrupt multiple innocent children."

She said for years before she disclosed the abuse she turned to substance abuse and ran away to avoid thinking about the horrors she went through.

"I still struggle with those thoughts. Sometimes it seems like it might be easier to be gone than have to remember what I went through. But I refuse to give him that power," the teen said, tearfully, in a nearly full courtroom.

She said she hoped Farley wouldn't see the light of day again.

"I never want another child to go through what I did," she said.

In November, a Lancaster County jury returned a split verdict finding Farley guilty of one of three counts of sexual assault of a child he faced.

He was acquitted of a second charge and the jury deadlocked on a third, involving two other teens who had made similar allegations.

In May 2020, the Nebraska Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline received a belated report about a 17-year-old who alleged Farley had sexually abused her when she was a grade-schooler.

Two others, one 17 and the other 19, came forward later that year with more allegations against Farley.

In 2021, prosecutors charged him with all three.

On Tuesday, Deputy Lancaster County Attorney Chris Reid asked for a sentence substantially above the 20-year minimum, saying his victim was barely 12 when Farley started grooming her.

While the mandatory minimum may be appropriate if this were a single act, he said, here there were too many incidents for her to remember, Reid said.

"Each of these are separate crimes that she had to endure by Mr. Farley," he said.

Reid said Farley had taken zero responsibility and shown no remorse for his actions.

Up until the sentencing phase, this case has been about Farley. But at this stage it was time for Farley's victim to be heard. For her whole life she'll have to deal with the repercussions of his actions.

Farley, 51, declined to comment.

His attorney, Seth Morris, asked for the minimum sentence, saying Farley was a military veteran and had a number of letters of support.

In the end, Lancaster County District Judge Ryan Post said Farley had been in a position of trust and violated it, and it wasn't an isolated incident but repeated assaults.

"What she went through was horrific," Post said.

During trial, he said, he watched Farley stare down his accuser on the stand.

"We've all heard in court today how your choices have impacted her for the rest of her life, what she described in her words as a life sentence," the judge said.

Post said he also took into account that Farley had taken no responsibility for his actions. And he announced the sentence, which means Farley will have to be in prison for 35 years before he's eligible for parole.

Farley also would have to register as a sex offender upon release and be subject to a possible civil commitment.

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